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When you need a source of funds that is the least likely to fail you, QuickFundUSA is here for you. With strong company values and friendly features built into our system right from the day of our existence in the business, we have helped individuals get money at times of need, through our simplified and fully online lending platform.

Borrow Legit Online Loans Conveniently, even during Emergencies

Legitimacy in lending is indeed a topic that grabs much attention today. Various sources of information reveal unnerving incidents every now and then.

Making our loan process simple, quick and reliable has additionally led to us being a preferable choice by many borrowers for times when they need emergency funding.

Advantages of QuickFundUSA Over Other Lenders

As a company offering legit loans online, we make sure that you get the best deals by being our customer, so you can easily find real online loans, staying away from scams, over-expensive lenders and other such threats.

Features of Our Loans that Benefit Borrowers:

  • Secured online platform
  • No trading of personal information
  • Faxless process
  • Bad credit is okay
  • No hard credit checks conducted
  • No prepayment penalty
  • A flexible repayment schedule can be customized
  • Hassle-free extension of payment due date
  • Direct deposit of cash into your account
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Faster funding within a day
  • Personal guarantees or collaterals are not required
No Credit Check Installment Loans

Company Values

QuickFundUSA promotes simplicity, reliability, convenience and transparency in its lending process. Our company has been founded to serve customers keeping these values intact at all times:

  • A quick and diligent response to customers' requests, applications, and concerns.
  • Reliability and dependability that can only be reflected by a high rate of approval of loans
  • Acceptance of bad credit scores and previously rejected borrowers
  • Convenience of reaching our services from virtually anywhere at any time
  • Flexible repayment options help customers relax.
  • Transparency in lending terms and through easily understandable loan offer agreements

Choose QuickFundUSA for your short-term financial needs. Do however keep in mind that our loans are intended to serve as short-term financial solutions and must not be used or seen as a long-term solution.

What We Offer - Legit Loans Online

Each loan from QuickFundUSA comes with a commitment of legitimacy. Our loans are aimed to serve borrowers with various challenges such as urgent requirements, bad credit scores, rejection faced from banks, etc. For this reason, we offer our legit loans through the quick and simple platform here, and with us, you can get flexibility and quickness in every loan product that we have listed. One of the top priorities of a borrower of direct lender loans, is the safety and here is how we provide safety, even with our no credit check loans.

Legit No Credit Check Loan with Safety:

A legitimate no credit check loan is one that is safe. But how can a lender ensure safety in a loan that doesn't have the traditional credit check? Well, this happens in 2 interlinked mechanisms:

  • We only offer loans with short tenures, ensuring that income plays a key role in assessing loan repayment ability
  • Our primarily basis for loan approval is a consistent income which is a suitable way to approve short-term loans

This is how we ensure that our no credit check loans also come with a fair margin of safety.

Legit Installment Loan Online Direct Lenders - No Bluff. Just Genuine Stuff!

QuickFundUSA promotes simplicity, convenience and transparency in its lending process. Hence our simple and easy to meet loan criteria; upfront rates and fees with no hidden costs or extra costs; no collateral needed, as we offer unsecured installment loans; and paperless process with zero documentation. As a licensed lender, we abide by all the applicable federal laws to provide you legit online installment loans.


Our 24/7 online loan application is completely free and secure.


A quick understanding of our online installment loans and the lending process.

Loan Requirements

Easy to qualify and quick to get cash up to $1000.


Safe and secure online login for complete data privacy.

Licenses and Rates

We are a law-abiding lender; all charges conform to the applicable laws.

More Information

Legitimate Payday and Installment Loans that are Designed to be Quick and Reliable.

Applying Does NOT Affect Your Credit Score

We at QuickFundUSA do not extract loan applicants' credit related details from any of the 3 major credit bureaus- Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. If we feel the need to have any such information to decide on an application, we turn to an independent source.

For your benefit, remember that your application is verified automatically by our system and therefore, the authenticity and verifiability of your submitted information decide how much time it takes for the decision. If any information appears to be missing, you would be asked to submit it, to validate your application. The rates and terms are not independent of the state laws and your income status. Note that money requested after 6:00 PM EST will only be considered for verification on the next business day.

Call our customer service at - (800) 957-4811 or email us at support@quickfundusa.com for help.

*I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy of this loan. All loans financed by QuickFundUSA. With our online borrowing system, each step of your application and its proceeding stepsshall be made clear to you. Once assessed by our support team, your much-needed loan will be processed in as little as an hour.